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Generative AI
Product Development
on a Real Project

Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation Training and Workshop

  • Ideal for teams that want to start fast

"It is like an internship at a Silicon Valley tech company!"

The demand for AI and Generative AI Product Professionals 

are on the rise with salaries reaching $900,000!

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Over 10,000 students choose AI Product Institute
to become AI thought leaders in their respective fields


Some of our customers, and students' workplaces

Experience for your Resume!

Stand out to employers, by adding the AI and Generative AI project from the real-world workshop to your resume, secure coveted roles in tech-forward companies, and turn your dream job into your reality. 

Become THE


Understanding AI and Generative AI will give you insights into some of the most advanced and rapidly-evolving technologies in the field, which will be valuable for research, development, and innovation in any organization.

Gain a Long-term Mentor!

Our programs go beyond a transaction, we remain connected with our learners even after the program ends. We take pride in being a supportive force in each learner's future, whether it be in career advancement or business ventures.

Increase Your Income!

With deeper understanding of AI and generative AI, you will utilize the technology more effectively in your work. As a result, you may be able to create superior, more innovative solutions that can elevate your performance and increase your income.

Gain practical experience in

AI and Generative AI product development 

with 5 weeks of fully interactive sessions!


*Actual Miro collaboration boards​ that students used during the LIVE Online workshops

Program Highlights

  • 5-week LIVE online small classroom

  • 1-1 personal guidance from the instructor

  • PDF textbook and resource portal

  • Real-world product management assignments

  • Access to in-class LIVE video recording after the class

  • Interactive group discussions

  • Real-world assignments


5 weeks long hands-on product workshop​ with supplemental textbook:

  • Pre-class resources: AI and Generative AI history, opportunities, methodologies, LLM algorithms, MLOps

  • Week 1 workshop: Identifying hi ROI opportunities for AI and generative AI

  • Week 1 homework: Interviewing users for idea validation

  • Week 2 workshop: Defining generative AI solution architecture

  • Week 2 homework: Evaluating generative AI solutions and cloud offerings

  • Week 3 workshop: Adversarial issues with Generative AI 

  • Week 3 homework: Risk-aware evaluating generative AI solution

  • Week 4 workshop: Utilizing generative AI for rapid prototyping

  • Week 4 homework: Rapid prototyping

  • Week 5 workshop: Risk analysis for generative AI and MLOps deployment

  • Graduation ceremony and certificate

Who Should Attend?

  • Product managers, product directors and product leads who recognize the importance of artificial intelligence and want to excel in their field and become one of the top professionals

  • Seasoned business professionals such as executives, presidents and directors who recognize the importance of generative artificial intelligence and are eager to catch up with the AI era and become one of the forefront professionals

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a competitive advantage to solve problems and create new opportunities.

  • New college graduates who are entering a competitive job market and want to expand their knowledge into technologies that are on top of every industry's priority.

Prerequisites / Commitment

  • No experience or knowledge in artificial intelligence is required

  • No technical skills required

  • Requires 6-8 hours every week for assignments

  • Join the weekly workshops or watch the recording



Unlock your potential as a product manager of the AI era by earning a highly-valued and sharable AI and Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation certificate. This certificate is your ticket to success in today's competitive job market, where companies are constantly searching for professionals who can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver exceptional customer value. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career and become a leader in the field by completing our course today!

AIPI Certificate

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Secure Your Future for Long-Term Success

Humans excel in creative work, and now AI and Generative Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries by generating new ideas and products. This game-changing technology presents immense opportunities for businesses, such as new product development, process optimization, and competitive advantage gains. Business professionals, entrepreneurs, and product managers can't afford not to adapt to this paradigm shift by learning about Generative AI.

This is where the AI & Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation LIVE program comes to your help. In this program, you will learn about AI and Generative AI lifecycle, use cases, and limitations, enabling participants to identify and solve business problems with AI and Generative AI. Furthermore, you will learn about the AI algorithms, MLOps lifecycle, including the deployment aspects. Join now to become a business professional with AI and Generative AI expertise and harness its potential for your business.

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