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Master Product Management
     in the Artificial Intelligence Era

Become the highly demanded PM 
skilled to lead AI Product Development

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More than 1000 Satisfied Students Worldwide!

Spencer S., Canada

"This was a great course content and delivery. Thanks for providing so much experience and knowledge in such condensed and organized presentation. Looking forward to more courses from you."

Rebecca M., Germany

"Thank you for sharing the latest and greatest in AI product management! This class is a must for all who are working in the intersection of AI/ML, business and technology."

Anielka S., Poland

"Heartfelt thank you for being the instructor. It was impressive, inspiring and thorough class with guest lectures!"

Stanley T., US

"Thank you for such an insightful course. Very accessible and useful content ready to be applied. Looking forward to participating to your next classes."

Kevin C., US

"Thanks. It was a refreshing learning experience, providing holistic view of AI technology stack, building AI teams, innovative ways to run AI projects, etc. Thanks for the interactive discussions!!!!"

Our Programs and Offerings

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Meet Your Instructors

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Saurabh brings over 20 years of diverse experience across engineering, product management and marketing. 

He worked at Meta, Broadcom, A10 Networks, Qualcomm. Click here for his complete biography.

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Adnan brings 30+ years of experience, with 13 years alone in the field of AI, to product managers. He worked at NVIDIA, eBay, Yahoo as well as teaches at Stanford Continuing Studies. Click here for his complete biography.

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Sonia brings 13 years of experience in product management and field of AI, to product managers.

She worked at Apple, eBay and PayPal.  Click here for her complete biography.

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Data on LinkedIn shows that the number of AI Product Manager job openings  is rapidly increasing!

Ai product management job openings on LinkedIn

This means that the demand for product managers who can work on products utilizing artificial intelligence is on the rise. Companies are recognizing the potential of AI to drive growth and improve efficiency, and are seeking professionals who can identify and capitalize on these opportunities.

Satisfaction and Experience Guaranteed

1. Gain Practical Experience from Silicon Valley

Our programs are rooted in my practical experience in Silicon Valley tech firms and startups. Unlike traditional courses, we offer exposure to real-world problem-solving, innovation, and the key components that drive Silicon Valley's status as a hub of innovation.

2. Get One-on-One Attention

We tailor our programs to the unique needs and goals of each learner, allowing for a more effective and efficient learning experience which fosters their growth and development as business professionals.

3. Gain a Mentor Not Just a Certificate

Our programs go beyond a transaction, we remain connected with our learners even after the program ends. We take pride in being a supportive force in each learner's future, whether it be in career advancement or business ventures.

Give me a chance to demonstrate it to you.

- Adnan

Picture of Adnan Boz

  Adnan Boz 
  Founder and CEO 

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