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Your Team into Leaders
in AI & Generative AI 

#1 Business Oriented AI & Generative AI Training Since 2019

Custom Tailored For Your Business and Executive Teams, and

  With Your Actual Products and Services!

AI Product Institute is the market leader in
transforming traditional product development teams
into AI thought leader powerhouses!


Some of our customers, and students' workplaces

What We Offer

Research shows that learners forget 90% of new information within a week!

While the AI market is reaching $300 Billion, seizing opportunities require deploying actual AI and Generative AI in your products and services, not a forgotten slide deck.

By investing in a custom on-the-job AI and Generative AI training with AI Product Institute, your teams can deploy AI and Generative AI on your actual products and services and gain practical experience right away.

Looking for courses for individuals? Check out our self-study programs:

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Customers Love Our Trainings

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Satisfaction and Experience Guaranteed

1. Gain Practical Experience from Silicon Valley

Our programs are rooted in my practical experience in Silicon Valley tech firms and startups. Unlike traditional courses, we offer exposure to real-world problem-solving, innovation, and the key components that drive Silicon Valley's status as a hub of innovation.

2. Get One-on-One Attention

We tailor our programs to the unique needs and goals of each learner, allowing for a more effective and efficient learning experience which fosters their growth and development as business professionals.

3. Gain a Mentor Not Just a Certificate

Our programs go beyond a transaction, we remain connected with our learners even after the program ends. We take pride in being a supportive force in each learner's future, whether it be in career advancement or business ventures.

Give me a chance to demonstrate it to you.

- Adnan

Picture of Adnan Boz

  Adnan Boz 
  Founder and CEO 

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