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Our purpose at AI Product Institute is to empower product managers to advance their careers in the artificial intelligence (AI) era and equip them with the knowledge to change the world for the better. Our courses are crafted by AI product management experts from Silicon Valley to open up the world's best technical expertise to all product managers. Our courses are tailored towards teaching AI business strategy, AI team leadership, and AI lifecycle know-how.

In our courses, we walk you through the journey of taking a simple idea and turning it into a viable artificial intelligence (AI) product that customers love. This journey includes lectures about frameworks, principles, industry best practices.


Live courses include hands-on activities such as ideation, group collaboration, brainstorming, and live communication with the instructor as well.

Although we cover general AI knowledge in our courses, we do not provide in-depth technical software engineering or data science training. The reason lies in the fundamentals of the product manager's career path. Among the junior, senior, lead, director, VP, and SVP of Products roles, there are many responsibilities. Still, neither of them is Data Scientist or Software Engineer. Since our purpose is to empower product managers to advance in their career, we only cover topics which align with the product management career path.

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Adnan Boz

AISPM course is taught by Adnan Boz. Adnan is a serial entrepreneur and leader with a total of 27 years experience in the software industry and 9 years of experience alone in the field of artificial intelligence, delivering enterprise solutions in a broad range of markets including online advertising, e-commerce, healthcare, online media, content management, and digital video.

Currently, he works at NVIDIA. Earlier, he drove the Artificial Intelligence, Experimentation, and Personalization platform products teams at eBay. Before that, he led Yahoo Sports, Finance, and home page news personalization AI products. In his previous startup, Move to AI, he consulted countless companies to help them adopt AI solutions.

He has an active presence in the AI ecosystem through teaching at Stanford Continuing Studies, presenting at major industry conferences, and building relationships across startups and universities. In the late 90’s he held Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Microsoft Certified Trainer status, in 2011, he founded the NVIDIA Supercomputing group of South Florida, and in his latest startup he collaborated with Northeastern University Capstone projects and became an NVIDIA Inception program member.

His goal is to share his extensive business, product, and technical experience with product managers and leaders to help them bridge the gap between business, engineering, and AI science through the adoption of AI leadership techniques and corporate AI strategies.

Current and past accomplishments include:

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