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The Future of Software Development with AI

Are you curious about the groundbreaking synergy between software development and artificial intelligence? Adnan is providing insight in the Silicon Valley Tech Talks by the Faisal Wattoo - AWS Head of Product management (

In Faisal's own words:

"Discover the transformative potential of AI-driven automation and its role in revolutionizing the industry.

As the visionary behind Software Agent.Ai, Adnan brings a fresh perspective to automating software development using AI and machine learning technologies. In parallel, his venture, AI Product Institute, pioneers AI-driven training for Product Managers, redefining the realm of AI Product Management.

Join Adnan as he navigates the intricate nuances that set his AI solutions apart from industry giants like IBM and Microsoft. Gain insights into the convergence of AI and human ingenuity, and witness the evolution of technology that is a testament to AI's influence on human progress.

Beyond software development, this interview dives into the avant-garde discipline of AI Product Management. Adnan offers a comprehensive view of how this novel approach reshapes traditional product management paradigms within the context of AI's pervasive impact. Embark on a journey that unravels the intricate tapestry of software development, artificial intelligence, AI User Interface, and AI Product Management. Witness firsthand how AI is not just a technology but a catalyst driving human evolution, ultimately shaping the future of technology itself."

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