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The 6 Levels of Artificial General Intelligence

AI researchers from Google DeepMind have proposed a new framework for classifying the capabilities and behavior of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) models and their precursors. This new method introduces levels of AGI performance, generality, and autonomy as key concepts that can aid in the comparative evaluation of AI models, risk assessment, and tracking our progress towards AGI creation.

This could serve as a great tool for product managers. The standardized language this framework provides can make it easier to communicate the capabilities of the AI systems that form the core of your products. This will help you more effectively engage with stakeholders and customers, explaining what your product can do now and what it might be capable of in the future.

One notable aspect of the new framework is that it emphasizes focusing on capabilities rather than the specific mechanisms behind them. It also breaks down the path to AGI into stages, rather than focusing solely on the ultimate goal. This approach should be familiar to product managers, whose work often involves breaking down complex projects into manageable parts and focusing on what a product can do for the user rather than the technical details of how it does it.

We created an infographic interpretation of this research for your convenience. Enjoy!

You can read the full research paper at

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