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#1 - Let ChatGPT Program Your Own ChatGPT Web App Without Coding

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, generative AI has taken center stage, transforming how we communicate, solve problems, and make decisions. As a driving force in this revolution, ChatGPT has been empowering businesses to harness the power of AI-driven chatbots, enabling more efficient and intuitive interactions with customers and stakeholders. With this in mind, in this article I aim to explore the significance of integrating ChatGPT into web applications without the need for programming expertise, thus democratizing access to cutting-edge AI technology.

By providing a seamless way to integrate ChatGPT into web applications, organizations can quickly adapt to the changing landscape, optimize their workflows, and drive innovation. This approach is particularly valuable for product managers and business leaders, who can use ChatGPT-powered chatbots to enhance customer support, streamline internal communication, and gather valuable insights to inform decision-making. You can capitalize on the opportunities presented by the generative AI era and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.

Below, I will delve into the step-by-step process of creating a ChatGPT web application without any coding knowledge, unlocking the full potential of AI-driven chatbots for businesses of all sizes. Please follow each step. Please remember that ChatGPT is non-deterministic. That means, the completions (the output of ChatGPT ) will vary from one run to another.

1. Open OpenAI ChatGPT at

2. Select the GPT-4 model. If you are using the free version that does not have GPT-4 it is still ok but you may need to try a few times to get an accurate result.

3. Paste this prompt:

I am writing some tools for my own use and need an example single html page in javascript that is similar to chatgpt UI where I can enter prompts and get answers from the chatgpt as well as see the error messages in the answer area. Make sure all text has enough contrast for me to see it. Write it in plain javascript. The latest openapi model is text-davinci-003 and the endpoint is Do not specify the stop argument in the api call. Style it with tailwind to make it look futuristic messaging app. Tailwind’s latest api is^1.0/dist/tailwind.min.css.

4. Browse to

5. Copy and paste the HTML code from ChatGPT to the HTML area in Fiddle

6. Get your OpenAI API key from If you don’t know how to get your OpenAI API either ask ChatGPT or just search for “How to get my OpenAI API key” on the web for plenty of YouTube and other resources.

7. Find and replace the YOUR_API_KEY in the HTML with the OpenAI API key

8. Hit Run on Fiddle. Occasionally you may get an error. In this case, try running the prompt on a new GPT-4 session until you get a valid HTML.

9. Start using your ChatGPT on Fiddle. Delete your OpenAI API key from OpenAI once you are done to keep your OpenAI access safe.

Bonus! Try changing the prompt for different styles and functions to create the next Generative AI startup!

Help? IM me for any errors

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