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AI Solution Product Management course (AISPM)

"Viable AI product" is the keyword of this course because no matter how great the product is, without a sound strategy, it is nearly impossible for the company to achieve sustainable profitability. The proof is in the countless number of product failures in companies of any size. This harsh fact also applies to AI products. In this course, you will learn how to take an idea and turn it into a viable AI-driven product that customers love.

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Course Objective

At the end of the course, you will possess the know-how to define data, AI platform, and AI infrastructure strategies, as well as how to build and lead AI teams comfortably. More importantly, you will learn how to ideate and validate the product before making any investment.

Upon completion of the course and passing the final exam, you will receive your approved certificate, which you will be able to use when applying for your next product manager of AI product role.

  • Product Management training required

  • No experience required

Course syllabus

✔︎  The need for AI Product Managers

✔︎  Business objectives in the AI era

✔︎  AI know-how for Product Managers

✔︎  Possible AI opportunities

✔︎  Building AI solution teams

✔︎  AI Product Manager responsibilities

✔︎  Agile AI Product Development Lifecycle & other methodologies

✔︎  Google Ventures’ Design Sprint

✔︎  AI business requirements and data analysis

✔︎  Researching AI solutions

✔︎  Rapid AI experimentation

✔︎  Building and releasing AI solutions

✔︎  Evaluating and experimenting

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Learn to manage AI Products 



LIVE Course


LIVE courses include:

  • LIVE online classroom

  • 4 weeks

  • 13 lessons

  • Hands-on examples

  • Real-time interaction

  • Interaction with instructor

  • Instructor evaluated exam

  • Shareable official certificate

  • Free self-study course

  • AI product private Slack group lifetime membership



 Self-study course includes:

  • Pre-recorded online video

  • Live group Q&A event

  • 11+ hours of video content

  • Hands-on examples

  • Lifetime access

  • 4 weeks - 13 lessons

  • Online test

  • Instructor evaluated exam

  • Shareable official certificate

  • AI product private Slack group lifetime membership

1-1 AIPM Tutoring

Custom Price

 1-1 AIPM tutoring includes:

  • Private online call

  • Tailored topics

  • Interaction with instructor

  • Broad range of options:

    • Creating AI Products

    • AI product roadmap

    • AI product vision

    • AI Product strategy

    • AI product ideation

    • AI product life cycle

    • Job interview preparation

About the Instructor

Adnan Boz

AISPM course is taught by Adnan Boz. Adnan has been delivering products in the software industry for 28 years, with ten years alone in the field of artificial intelligence.

During his AI product leadership roles at Yahoo, eBay, NVIDIA, and his last two startups, he has witnessed the gap between business, engineering, and science first-hand. Working on pain points of customers, teams, and organizations were tremendous opportunities for him to learn the do's and don'ts of AI solution development.

He is now committed to sharing these extensive learnings with product managers and leaders to help them bridge the gap between business, engineering, and AI science through the adoption of AI leadership techniques and corporate AI strategies. 


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 Current and past accomplishments include: