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Welcome to The AI Product Managers Club!

We meet every week online and chat on the private social media group to share knowledge, network, discuss challenges, and collaborate to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in AI product development.

Members of this club get a wealth of benefits including connecting with other AI product managers and gaining the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices, discuss challenges and collaborate to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. Additionally, gaining access to industry-specific discussions, which can be incredibly valuable for staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. The club also provides opportunities for professional development and skill-building, as well as support and mentorship from experienced AI product managers. Joining the group is a great way to expand your network, stay informed, and advance your career in the exciting and rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

Who Should Become a Member?

  • Product managers, product directors and product leads who recognize the importance of artificial intelligence and want to excel in their field and become one of the top professionals

  • Entrepreneurs, decision makers and business professionals who are ready to utilize artificial intelligence in their product or service and looking for an end to end AI management framework

  • Engineers, scientists and technical professionals who want to enter the AI product manager career path

  • Business professionals who prefer an interactive learning experience with the instructor and peers, over self-guided e-learning courses

Key Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with other AI product managers and industry experts

  • Sharing of knowledge and best practices in AI product development

  • Discussion and collaboration on current trends and technologies in AI

  • Opportunities for professional development and skill-building

  • Support and mentorship from experienced AI product managers.

  • Present your product, service or related topic to likeminded professionals


  • LIVE online video meeting

    • Interactive discussions

    • Trending real-world topics

    • Member presentations

  • Live-chat on private social media group

Meeting Schedule

  • Every Friday

  • 2PM - 2:45PM PST

Become a Member Today

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