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The Intelligent Product Vol. 1

The Intelligent Product Volume 1

Dear Product Managers,

2020 has been so far a difficult year for the whole world and I hope you are safe and healthy wherever you may be.

I've been getting many questions from my Stanford Continuing Studies and AI Product Institute students about utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in their specific industry or business use cases. These are valid asks because it takes effort for product managers to reach the point where employing AI product management frameworks and AI business strategies become second nature. However, in the age of information overload, it is challenging to find and analyze AI business use cases that are relevant to your product management interest.

Enter The Intelligent Product, the newsletter about AI business success stories from all around the world, with the motivation of bridging theory to practice as well as sharing positive news. I hope these cutting-edge AI case studies will provide you ideas that you can apply to your own AI solutions.

Please contact us at for any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.

Be curious, be passionate!

Adnan Boz

AI Product Institute

Volume 1


The Road Safety Commission of Western Australia improves road safety and reduces the number of crashes at intersections by utilizing SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning that is powered by SAS Viya on SAS Cloud from SAS.


Avanade optimizes ThyssenKrupp’s entire delivery network for cost-saving and fundamentally shifts the culture of ThyssenKrupp into that of a data-driven organization by collaboratively building an AI solution called alfred.simOne on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Accenture ensures the safety of mill operations with 80% accuracy at a Latin American steel manufacturer by collaboratively developing a plant surveillance solution based that utilizes machine learning.


LV= reduces costs and increases revenue by implementing Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning services in their insurance claim process.

Convoy improves demand forecasting and builds an online marketplace that intelligently matches shippers and truckers by leveraging Amazon’s SageMaker to build their machine learning models.


First Line Software automates personal safety compliance tracking by implementing AI solutions that use CCTV camera live video stream.

Customer Management

Neoteric helps one of Poland’s biggest Telecom companies to reduce customer churn by more than 20% with 10x ROI by developing an AI recommender system.


CognitiveScale’s AI-powered Debt Risk Advisor targets multi-million dollars of annual potential bad debt savings for a large hospital system by identifying and prioritizing high-risk patient accounts with a 92% prediction rate at 80% accuracy.

Real Estate

Telentica helps HomeUnion to close more deals by providing a data science-based solution that investors use when making portfolio investment decisions.

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