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Generative AI Demystified:
Exclusive for Business Leaders
Two-day Extensive LIVE Online LLM Crash Course

Dive Deep Into Large Language Models and Unlock Limitless Potential with Generative AI

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Are you a current or future CEO, CPO, CTO, VP, Product Leader, Product Manager, Entrepreneur?


November 1st and 2nd, 2023


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In this comprehensive course, you'll gain deep insights into the world of Generative AI and learn how to harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to drive innovation in your organization. With no prior LLM knowledge required, you'll discover the benefits of using LLMs, such as the ability to create general-purpose AI models that can address multiple solutions, saving time and resources. By leveraging this technology, you can unlock new opportunities, improve productivity, and revolutionize your products and services. With our expert trainers from AI Product Institute, you'll delve into key topics like Generative AI algorithms, generative AI platforms and services, prompt engineering, risk management, and much more. Join us for this immersive training and become an AI leader in your industry!

Gain In-Depth Understanding

Dive into the foundations of Generative AI algorithms and unlock the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) through comprehensive training.

Develop Cutting-Edge Solutions

Harness the power of LLMs to create custom AI applications with prompt engineering, model fine-tuning, and advanced techniques like chaining and tree of thought.

Ensure Safe and Responsible AI

Learn risk management techniques, align AI with user intent, and implement best practices to assess and control potential risks in Generative AI.

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Training Features

1. Generative AI Algorithms Demystified: Learn about the different types of generative AI algorithms, from narrow-purpose (weak) AI models to general-purpose (strong) AI models. Understand their applications in various domains such as legal review, grammar correction, image correction, and more.


2. MIRO exercise: Engage in a collaborative exercise using the MIRO platform to apply your knowledge of generative AI algorithms.


3. Generative AI Platforms and Services: Explore popular generative AI platforms and services, including OpenAI Platform, Google Vertex AI PaLM API, Microsoft OpenAI Service, and more. Understand their capabilities and benefits for your AI projects.


4. Frameworks to Identify Generative AI Opportunities: Discover frameworks that will help you identify generative AI opportunities within your organization. Learn to employ the right values, strategies, and principles to drive nondisruptive innovations.


5. Assessment Test and Homework Review: Put your knowledge to the test with an assessment test at the end of the course. Participate in group homework assignments to solidify your understanding and receive expert feedback during the review meeting.

Online on Zoom
November 1-2 1PM - 5PM PST

Who Should Attend?

  • Non-technical business professionals and executives who are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of generative AI and its applications in their organizations.

  • Product managers, product directors and product leads who recognize the importance of artificial intelligence and want to excel in their field and become one of the top professionals

  • Seasoned business professionals such as executives, presidents and directors who recognize the importance of generative artificial intelligence and are eager to catch up with the AI era and become one of the forefront professionals

  • New college graduates who are entering a competitive job market and want to expand their knowledge into technologies that are on top of every industry's priority.

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to leverage the power of generative AI to enhance their products or develop innovative solutions.

  • Tech professionals interested in exploring the potential of generative AI and how it can be integrated into their existing tech stack.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in generative AI, enabling you to leverage its power for your role as a leader or executive. You will be able to identify generative AI opportunities, evaluate AI solutions, and implement risk management techniques to ensure the responsible and effective use of AI in your organization.

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About Your Instructor

Adnan Boz, an experienced entrepreneur, business strategy expert, artificial intelligence practitioner, and Stanford Continuing Studies instructor, is the lead instructor for the AI Product Institute courses. He has been delivering software products and services since 1992, and since 2010, he has specialized in the fields of artificial intelligence, product management, business strategy, and education. Adnan's advanced business courses and material stem from his unique blend of experience in these four fields.

Adnan has gained practical experience in bridging the gap between business, engineering, and science through his tenure at companies like Yahoo, eBay, NVIDIA and his last two startups. He uses these experiences to help product managers and leaders to overcome the same challenges and develop effective AI solutions. He is dedicated to sharing his extensive knowledge and insights with others to help bridge the gap between business, engineering, and AI science through the adoption of AI leadership techniques and corporate AI strategies.

Adnan's current and past accomplishments include:

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Don't miss this opportunity to gain deep understanding of generative AI and drive innovation in your company. Sign up now for our one-day crash course today!

  • LIVE Online on Zoom

  • November 1st and 2nd, 2023

  • Each day 1PM to 5PM PST

  • $1,999 program fee

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