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Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation
Online LIVE Certification Program

Don’t let the new technology wave surpass you, learn the algorithms, opportunities, frameworks as well as the business side of Generative AI


We humans design products, compose music, write novels, design games, draw graphics, write software and do many other creative works that no other creature can accomplish. Up until now, the closest intelligence - machine learning - could only analyze data, find patterns and help with laborious repetitive tasks. But today, there is a new creative intelligence in our world. And it is getting better, faster and cheaper every day in creating new ideas and beautiful things. This new intelligence is called “Generative Artificial Intelligence.”


Think of any human job in any industry that requires you to create original work - your amazing architecture, your viral video, your award winning graphics design, your popular game design, your best-seller book, or your star product - all are now facing competition. This is a game changer, this is a paradigm shift not in the business world but also human life at large. Generative AI opens the door to immense amounts of opportunities for businesses. Such as generating new products, optimizing business processes, uncovering new business opportunities and gaining a competitive advantage.

As a business professional, entrepreneur or product manager you are sitting right in the middle of this paradigm shift because you are creators of the products and services that serve every aspect of human life. However, your knowledge of classical machine learning approaches won’t be sufficient in the age of Generative AI. You need to learn the Generative AI lifecycle, the possible use cases and limitations to seize opportunities with Generative AI. 


This is where the Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation from AI Product Institute comes to your help; it is a course on Generative AI for business professionals or entrepreneurs like yourself. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify business problems that can be solved using Generative AI, select the appropriate Generative AI algorithm, implement MLOps, and deploy Generative AI models to the cloud. Join us now and take the first step towards becoming a Generative AI expert.



  • LIVE online classroom

  • Interactive discussions

  • Group exercises

  • Real-world assignments

  • Live-chat on private social media group

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  • AISPM Self-study program access ($799 value)

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  • Identifying Opportunities for Generative AI: In this module, you will learn how to identify business problems that can be solved using Generative AI. You will also learn about the industries that are currently using Generative AI and the potential benefits of incorporating Generative AI into your business strategy.

  • Generative AI Solution Components: In this module, you will gain an understanding of the different components of a Generative AI solution. You will learn about data preprocessing, model architecture, training, and evaluation. You will also learn how to select the appropriate components for a given business problem.

  • Introduction to Generative Algorithms: In this module, you will learn about the different Generative AI topics, such as Variational Autoencoders (VAEs),  Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). You will also learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each algorithm and how to select the appropriate algorithm for a given business problem.

  • Introduction to MLOps for Generative AI: In this module, you will learn about MLOps, which is the process of managing the machine learning lifecycle. You will learn about version control, reproducibility, and monitoring. You will also learn how to implement MLOps in a Generative AI solution.

  • Deploying Generative Models to the Cloud: In this module, you will learn about the different cloud computing services that are available for deploying Generative AI models. You will learn about the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability and cost-effectiveness. You will also learn how to deploy a Generative AI model to the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Enabling innovation: Generative AI has the potential to enable new ways of creating and solving problems, by providing new methods for modeling, simulations and data analysis, for example. Understanding these technologies will open new doors for innovation in every industry.

  • Developing advanced skills: Learning about generative AI technologies will enable you to develop advanced skills in machine learning, deep learning, and other areas, which can be valuable in a variety of industries.

  • Understanding cutting-edge technology: Understanding generative AI will give you insights into some of the most advanced and rapidly-evolving technologies in the field, which will be valuable for research, development, and innovation in any organization.

  • Preparing for future careers: With the increasing adoption of generative AI technologies in various industries, studying generative AI will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities in the future.

  • Entrepreneurship: A deep understanding of generative AI will position you better to create new companies that leverage these technologies, making your company more attractive to investors and partners.

Who Should Attend?

  • Product managers, product directors and product leads who recognize the importance of artificial intelligence and want to excel in their field and become one of the top professionals

  • Seasoned business professionals such as executives, presidents, directors and product managers who recognize the importance of generative artificial intelligence and are eager to catch up with the AI era and become one of the forefront professionals

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a competitive advantage to solve problems and create new opportunities in their industries.

  • New college graduates who are entering a competitive job market and want to expand their knowledge into technologies that are on top of every industry's priority.


  • No experience or knowledge in artificial intelligence is required

Upcoming Schedule

  • 4 weeks program

  • April 21st, 28th, May 5th, 12th (Fridays)

  • Group 1: 8AM - 10AM PST

  • Group 2: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST

  • Limited capacity

(switch groups any time)



Unlock your potential as a product manager of the AI era by earning a highly-valued and sharable Generative AI for Product and Business Innovation certificate. This certificate is your ticket to success in today's competitive job market, where companies are constantly searching for professionals who can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver exceptional customer value. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career and become a leader in the field by completing our course today!

AIPI Certificate

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About the Instructor

Adnan Boz, an experienced entrepreneur, business strategy expert, artificial intelligence practitioner, and Stanford Continuing Studies instructor, is the lead instructor for the AI Product Institute courses. He has been delivering software products and services since 1992, and since 2010, he has specialized in the fields of artificial intelligence, product management, business strategy, and education. Adnan's advanced business courses and material stem from his unique blend of experience in these four fields.

Adnan has gained practical experience in bridging the gap between business, engineering, and science through his tenure at companies like Yahoo, eBay, NVIDIA and his last two startups. He uses these experiences to help product managers and leaders to overcome the same challenges and develop effective AI solutions. He is dedicated to sharing his extensive knowledge and insights with others to help bridge the gap between business, engineering, and AI science through the adoption of AI leadership techniques and corporate AI strategies.

 Adnan's current and past accomplishments include:

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