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Build the Future with GenAI: Strategy Roadmap Workshop 

Discover, align & execute to the power of AI

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Be the GenAI/AI champion your organization needs! 

What is your GenAI/AI strategy? Is your organization ready for the GenAI revolution? Are your key stakeholders aligned to leverage its potential? Our immersive workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the GenAI landscape and integrate it into your product roadmap, workflows - to help you innovate & stay competitive.


✔︎  GenAI Overview

✔︎  Unlocking Innovation and Efficiency

✔︎  Governance, Policy, and Regulation

✔︎  ChatGPT/Bard Prompt Engineering

✔︎  Images/Video - Creative Focus

✔︎  AI Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions

✔︎  Deep Dive on LLMs/NLP

Team building & collaboration

Discuss challenges, strategy and apply collective solutions using common frameworks. Workshop will help create a strong bond to effectively collaborate amongst them.

GenAI Ready

By learning the State of the Art (SOTA) for AI/GenAI, attendees will evaluate the impact & relevance of GenAI/AI to their roles. Attendees will also  identify specific opportunities within their portfolio, domain & workflows.  

Inspire, Innovate & Stay ahead

Participants will learn about the GenAI landscape, industry shakers & movers, and brainstorm exercises will help create solutions for their portfolio, domain & workflows and stay competitive for the AI decade.  

Stakeholder alignment

A unified GenAI/AI vision for your organization, will ensure key stakeholders, including executives, managers & team members are aligned and driving to successful goals and outcomes.

Program Highlights

  • Workshop exclusively for your organization

  • 6-8 hour workshop: on-premise or remote

  • Immersive strategy & brainstorm discussions

  • Award winning frameworks 

  • Bonus: 1 year The AIPM Club membership ($1200 value) 

  • Bonus: AISPM Self-study program lifetime access ($799 value)


We work closely with you to define the goals & outcomes for the workshop. We use highly effective frameworks to help build the GenAI/AI strategy for your domain, roadmap, workflow. Some topics we cover are:    

  • GenAI Overview:

    • Gain insights into the latest advancements and applications of GenAI.

    • Explore cutting-edge tools and frameworks driving the State of the Art (SOTA) in AI.

  • Unlocking Innovation and Efficiency:

    • Discover how AI and GenAI can drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency.

    • Identify opportunities to integrate AI solutions into your existing workflows.

  • Governance, Policy, and Regulation:

    • Learn best practices for effectively governing and regulating AI initiatives.

Custom Add-ons (Deep-Dive Sessions):

  • ChatGPT/Bard Prompt Engineering:

    • Targeted for Marketing, Sales, Engineering, or Finance professionals.

    • Hands-on guidance to optimize AI models for specific business needs.

  • Images/Video - Creative Focus:

    • Explore AI techniques to enhance image and video content.

  • AI Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions:

    • Dive into the technical aspects of AI infrastructure and cloud deployment.

  • Deep Dive on LLMs/NLP:

    • In-depth exploration of Language Models and Natural Language Processing.

Who Should Attend?

AI/GenAI landscape is a very crowded space, and there is a lot of excitement and many untapped opportunities (similar to the time when the iPhone was introduced). If you are working on (or even thinking about) AI/GenAI strategy for your organization, then this workshop is for you. Be the GenAI/AI champion, and bring the key stakeholders to this workshops:

  • Product Managers 

  • Executive, XFN Leaders (engineering, marketing, sales, finance)

Team size of attendees to 8 or less preferred.  


  • None. Just be enthusiastic & open to trying new things!


The schedule is custom tailored to your and your team's needs.

Instructed by

Saurabh Sureka


Saurabh brings over 20 years of diverse experience across engineering, product management and product marketing. With a passion for building and scaling products, he has been instrumental in the success of numerous 0-1 product launches, driving them to achieve global run-rates exceeding $100 million.

Saurabh’s work experience spans companies like Meta, Broadcom, A10 Networks, Qualcomm. In addition, he serves as an Advisor to early-stage start-ups, leveraging his wealth of knowledge and insights. His academic background includes a thesis in Machine Learning (feed-forward networks) in 2007. He firmly believes that the current era represents the third wave of AI (1960’s, 1990’s and now 2020’s), and is excited about the profound impact it will have on our lives. He is a Sr. Member of IEEE, has served as Chair for IEEE Communications Society (Silicon Valley), and is a speaker at many industry conferences.   

Participants in Saurabh's courses can expect to gain valuable insights and takeaways that include:

  • How to use AI to improve operational efficiency and productivity (across org functions Engineering, Products, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Support orgs) 

  • Identifying impactful use cases for AI integration in products

  • Gaining stakeholder buy-in and alignment for AI strategies

  • Executing AI strategies effectively for successful outcomes

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Saurabh's accomplishments include:


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