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AI Solution Product Management Bootcamp (AISPM Bootcamp)

LIVE online video-conference

Theory is essential, but without practice, it is challenging to take on real-world projects with confidence. However, gaining AI product management practice is a multi-year journey, and we live in a fast-paced world where you don’t have time to go through a five-year trial-and-error phase. AI revolution is happening right now, and you want to be ready today! We are proud to introduce the AI Solution Product Management Bootcamp (AISPM Bootcamp) to accelerate your AI product management practice.

The AISPM Bootcamp is a four-week-long online LIVE hands-on practice program. While our original AISPM courses consist of 80% theory and 20% hands-on exercises, the AISPM Bootcamp is 100% hands-on practice. The program starts with group discussions to find an AI product idea and ends with bringing the AI product to life. The data science and software engineering interaction are also simulated by the instructor to give you realistic real-world experience.

Bootcamp Curriculum
Week 1: AI Ideation
(3 hours)

Use proven methods to find AI product ideas. Analyze the buyer utility and value drivers for these AI ideas.


Homework: AI Idea Customer Validation

Run surveys and interviews to validate ideas as with real users

Week 2: AI Solution Analysis
(3 hours)

Gather, analyze, and organize information to understand the viability and feasibility of AI solutions. Define metrics, functional, and non-functional requirements. Prioritize and choose an AI product idea.


Homework: AI Risk Assessment

Identify and assess risks associated with the AI product idea.

Week 3: AI Solution Research
(3 hours)

Identify machine learning aspects of the AI solution. Research AI industry; find data, AIaaS, and PaaS solutions. Make CapEx vs. OpEx trade-off. Understand data scientists' involvement.


Homework: AI Partnerships

Contact AI data, AIaaS, and PaaS service providers to understand the AI solution space.

Week 4: AI Engineering
(3 hours)

Session 1 - Identify building blocks of the AI enterprise architecture. Validate test strategies and define AI release plan. Choose experimentation methodologies.

Session 2 - Learn how to acquire technical capabilities such as software engineers and data scientists to bring your AI solution to life.

Homework 1: AI Experimentation

Research experimentation solutions and run an example project.


Homework 2: Acquire technical capabilities

Research, find and acquire capabilities to bring your AI Product to life.


▪︎ Core Product Management know-how

▪︎ No AI experience needed


▪︎ Four-week-long bootcamp

▪︎ Sundays at 9:00 AM PST

About the Instructor

Adnan Boz

AISPM course is taught by Adnan Boz. Adnan has been delivering products in the software industry for 28 years, with ten years alone in the field of artificial intelligence.

During his AI product leadership roles at Yahoo, eBay, NVIDIA and his last two startups, he has witnessed the gap between business, engineering, and science first-hand. Working on pain points of customers, teams, and organizations were tremendous opportunities for him to learn the do's and don'ts of AI solution development.

He is now committed to sharing these extensive learnings with product managers and leaders to help them bridge the gap between business, engineering, and AI science through the adoption of AI leadership techniques and corporate AI strategies.


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